Friday, June 25, 2010

Lightening and my cricut

Well a storm came thru the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday (6/21 - 6/22) and lightening hit the power pole that has the transformer for our house and now my cricut no longer powers up.

Hope to have that rectified very soon (it will be 1 year old on July 8, so don't know if the warrant will work here - but I am scared to doubt Provocraft's customer service - because of stories I have heard, if I believe them then I bet I hear from the them  on July 9th to say sorry your warranty expired.  On the other hand if I don't believe it I am hoping to hear that we can exchange it or there is a reset button and it powers up. 

Either way the wait is the hardest part.
Anyone have the same issue? Would love to hear.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another A7 Gatefold Scored Card File

Look what I came up with after the previous post and it turns out I made a card by accident.  I was just testing the cut and came upon this (unfinished, but is starting to be a great watermelon card!) The file is available below and instructions for the liner as well.



The scallop side will overlap the other fold by about an inch or you could shrink to meet in the software.

For MTC:

To cut the card turn off the eye to the New Layer (can we rename these in the 2.3.2?) 
To cut only the liner like the red in the sample picture turn off the eye in the default layer as shawn below.
(in the file I did rotate the liner and changed it to a different color to keep from confusing it from the card itself. 


Would love to see what you guys come up with.


An A7 Gatefold Scored Card Share (updated w/new file)

An A7 card folded for side or top opening is 5" x 7" finished (so a 10" x 7" is the starting sheet size folded in half) Only change was number of dash lines from to only 3 of them as seen in the image below. 

~ ~ Make sure to move the image to where you want and out of shadow area.~ ~

A7 Gatefold scored card SVG Card File Here
A7 Gatefold scored card MTC Card File Here

An A7 Gatefold finished size is also 5" x 7" (also start with a 10" x 7" sheet size) the fold (score lines will be at 2.5" (2 1/2") & 7.5" (7 1/2"). 

Thanks for looking and being patient with me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SVG plain banner correction

The SVG file for the plain banner has been corrected and apologize for any inconveniences it may has caused and can be downloaded here.

Thanks for liking it to all.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Banner Flag w/o Date

This is what I came up with using the previous banner flags shown below (for file click on older posts below.)


I still have a bottom banner with the nephew's name and year (2010) on it.  I used school colors. Thanks for looking. Sorry about the quality - camera phone and was at night.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plain Banner Flag

This is the banner flag that will be in the middle of the 2 (2010) end flags.)

MTC Download Here
SVG Download Here