Saturday, March 8, 2014

I love changing furniture, so why is it hard to change what I want about myself?

I am a pinterest nut. So much to love about it; project research, inspiration, and among many other reasons it is introduction and reminders. The reminders are subtle hints at first. Then it starts to tug at your subconscious and I saw the following picture and knew it was time to challenge myself and the first step is to write about it and make it public so I will be accountable for success or failure. 

Do it now

So if I love changing furniture around once a month, then why is it hard to change what I want about myself?

One, because I want it to be. I want to fight it.  Simple as that.  So, I just took my first step.  Admitting it.  It takes more effort to fight it then successfully improving myself (hence; it takes more muscles to frown than smiling).  Maybe it's afraid of failing or finding what's on the other side; happiness.  It comes down to deciding "Yes,  I am doing it."  The initiating, and follow through is a consequence of deciding yes and can't proceed without the personal decision from me.  No one else can do it.  I even have the Lord in my corner and its still hard. Again,  it's my decision.  I can't fathom that. I have total support and I should embracing it but don't. 

My new year starts now.  The decision is now. No more hiding and depression is not an option anymore.  Just not.   This sign I will carry internally with me from now on, because I have so many Laters that became Nevers and that won't happen anymore.

Looking forward to today and yes, I am going to change the furniture today because it is a start.