Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ding Dong! It's shipping!

So excited, the cricut was shipped out on Friday and now 3 storms later, feeling inspired to start creating. 
How true in this case that "Out of site, Out of mind" came into play.

Keep watching and wondering how June and July went so fast.
May the rest of July be wonderful for you.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cricut Status Update

After being in a coma for almost 1 week in a half, the doctors at Provocraft has decided

that the cricut has no more expression in it and will need to be put to rest. Today was her 1st birthday when she was ordered (coincident - it was!)

So she's off to be cremated and found that I am able to adopt a new one and should be here in 5 - 7 days depending on the delivery :-0

Funny thing is that I slid the grey box that holds the blade (they had me try and do a reset) and the cricut lit up in the function buttons and the multiple cut button side - with NO (yep, NO) cord attached. Randy thought maybe there could be some battery enclosed - Provocraft is going to look at that - they said that was weird too.

Do you think when lightening hit - that it was trying to come back as a Shilouette? Or speak to me from the coma???

So sad, but excited to see the new one come. Glad I saved the box