Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finally - a new cutting file - WOW!

I was working on a banner and when I cut it - it turned out to be a perfect napkin ring instead. 

The file is available at the end of the post.

Each have a top layer and a bottom layer.  The first is a three snowflake napkin ring and the multi-snowflake napking ring.  Take a peak and follwing will be some tips on how to make this easy! Each file has a tab at one end and a slit in the other end for easy assembly.

~~~~TIPS ~~~~
1 - I used packing tape to the back of the top layer.
It is the perfect size to cover the snowflake.  It is easier
to cut the tape and lay it down to avoid wrinkles.

2. I used glitter (pour on top, lay paper on top and
rub it to get the glitter in to the snowflakes.)

Shake off the glitter and then wipe off any glitter that
doesn't come off with a paper towel to get the results below.

Here is the file (all four on individual layers, 2 tops and 2 backgrounds).  There are for personal use only and feel free to send others that may want the file to retrieve it from this location. Thanks so much for that.

MTC 3.3.3 file is Here
PDF file is Here
SVG file is Here

If you want to keep them year after year - simply laminate.


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